Products in line with your needs, from both a private and corporate perspective


Do you wish to equip your employees with tablets and apps, but have no idea how to manage their corporate mobile activity? Do you want a safe mobile environment in which they access confidential business information and corporate applications? You feel the need for a mobile solution for your company, but you don’t want to bring it in house?

Servasure Mobile is your solution for an efficient management of your mobile devices in a safe cloud-based environment.




  • Cloud-based mobile device and application management
  • Local technical support during business hours
  • Supports a wide range of Android and IOS devices
  • Entry-level security
  • License for 1 or 2 years
  • Managed Setup

Select Your Package


Manage your Mobile Device Fleet


Simple setup

Manage users, apps, and devices from anywhere with cloud-based setup and maintenance that is simple to use, without compromising security. Integrate Servasure Mobile with your existing IT infrastructure and manage data on devices using the IT policies.


User management

Manage user identities and access in the admin console. Your user data can be stored in the cloud or in existing systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory. Strong password authentication, coupled with a robust set of IT policies means only verified users have access to your data. Device reporting, like status information and user activity logs, ensures that you know who has seen your data.


Integrated apps

Whether you have private company apps or use some of the leading business and productivity apps, Servasure Mobile lets you manage what is on your employee's devices. Remotely assign apps to users, or pick and choose which apps can be downloaded with whitelisting and blacklisting. Pay As You Go Mobile gives you the tools to help make your mobile business secure.


Supports a wide-range of devices

Android or iOS, mobile or fixed, Servasure Mobile has you covered with support for a variety of devices and operating systems. One central console manages all of you devices with comprehensive management policies. Employees enjoy using their device of choice at work, while IT Admins enjoy remote management and seamless data protection from the secure admin console.


A Mobile Corporate Workspace


Multi-layered Android Security

Servasure Mobile is secured with security in mind. Only the PRO-hardened Android platform protects your infrastructure with multi-level, hardware-to-application security via Trusted Boot and ARM TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture (TIMA) to keep your business intelligence and network safe from hacking, viruses, and unauthorized access.


Two Devices in One

The Samsung Galaxy® devices come ready for work right out of the box, thanks to Servasure Mobile PRO. Switch between the password-protected workspace and personal apps with a tap of a button. IT can be confident that company data is secure and manageable, while employees will love the freedom to customise their device with personal apps and data, worry-free.


Two Factor Authentication

Servasure Mobile PRO gives you the options to tailor your mobile security to your enterprise needs. IT Admins can choose to use fingerprint scanners, swipe patterns, security PINs, or passwords for employees access the corporate container. More ways to authenticate employee identity means that data in the container is protected from unwanted eyes.


Powerful Apps

Only secure, tested apps make it onto the corporate container. A full collection of ready to use apps are pre-loaded including Contacts, Calendar, Phone, Browser, Camera and Email. Boost productivity with full access to download the latest mobile tools and apps through the available store. You can download apps from Samsung Apps or Google Play and benefit from enhanced security in the corporate container. IT Admins can easily push custom-built apps to the container without adding additional codes or certificates.


Support of Samsung Android Devices with Corporate Workspace

Please check to find a list of compatible Samsung devices.